Mr. Thies is enjoying his fourth year teaching Art at Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School for Girls. In addition to teaching Art, Mr. Thies also edits the CKGMS Yearbook. Students interested in photography are encouraged to help take pictures this year for the YEARBOOK!

Prior to coming to the Cranbrook Educational Community, Mr. Thies taught K-12 Art for the Grosse Pointe Public Schools. In the GPPSS Mr. Thies taught at Parcells Middle School, GP North High School, GP South High School and Trombly Elementary School. For many years, Mr. Thies served as Co-Chair of the Secondary Art Department helping administrate curricular up-dates to the 6-12 Art Curriculum in Grosse Pointe. 

Being a graduate of Ann Arbor’s Greenhills School, Mr. Thies knew he would somehow find his way back to the independent school environment where smaller class sizes facilitate student centered instruction.  Mr. Thies is Michigan Certified to Teach Art K-12 and is also Certified to teach all areas in the Elementary General Classroom.

Though creating an effective Art room experience for his students is his main outlet for creativity, Mr. Thies enjoys making Art.  Art media most enjoyed by Mr. Thies include oil painting, photography, video editing (DVD creation), graphic design, sculpture, and pottery.

Mr. Thies is currently raising two beagles and occasionally helps out with inter-murals (cycling, fencing, bocce, etc.)


Mr. Thies with his over sized beagle Oscar.


Dogs are like a member of the family.  Do you have a pet that you take care of at home? 

Come to the Pet Parade at Kingswood and bring your dog!

About Mr. Thies

Mr. Thies uses this web site to organize information for Art.  Student specific information will be occasionally showcased on Mr. Thies’ CranNet pages.

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