Seventh Grade Digital Photo Assignment

Students will work in teams to take pictures according to the objectives assigned.  We will be using the rule of thirds to compose our photos.  Not everyone will understand these objectives in the beginning.  Be patient with each other and help your partner to work out the assignment.  Each group may have a different subject for today’s photo shoot.


•Basic Camera Use
•Center of Interest
•Rule of Thirds

Screenshot 2014-10-22 09.01.25

In the Computer Lab we will do the following:


1.  Find your picture files on the G drive.  Go to G:\GMS Student Art Resources\GMS Digital Photo Club\October 2014 Art Class Cameras  and then find the number for your camera.

2.  Review your pictures using thumbnail view.

3.  Open Photoshop Elements

4.  Open your four best photos with PS Elements and follow my directions on how to process your photos

Photo Assignment

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