6th grade Art- Visits to the Cranbrook Art Museum and the Cranbrook Institute of Science 

IDENTITY MASK PROJECT:  6th grade HD and Art classes travel to the Cranbrook Art Museum to see both the Nick Cave Sound Suit and a selection of masks from different cultures.  These art historical references are part of our discussion on identity.  This is a CAM and CIS staff collaboration. Thank-you to Cameron Wood and Kelly Lyons!  After the visit to CAM, the girls will brainstorm on their individual identity and then plan and create a mask of their own.  The masks will be made concurrently in HD and Art classes sharing resources. 

    • October 10th, 10:10-11am HD/ART to CAM
    • October 11th, 10:10-11am HD/ART to CAM

CERAMIC DESIGN: 6th grade Art Classes traveled to the Cranbrook Institute of Science to see both hand-made pottery from ancient cultures and geological silicates related to clay and glazes.

    • Feb. 7th and 12th, 10:10-11am Art to CIS




7th grade Art- Printmaking with the Cranbrook Art Museum

7th grade art will tour the Cranbrook Art Museum  (Ryan McGinness Show) March 7th and 8th from 1:15-200pm.

  • Before we go to see the McGinness Show, we will watch this video:

Cranbrook Art Museum educator Emily Wurm will visit our 7th grade art room for a silk screen workshop on March 9th and 14thfrom 1:15-2:05pm.


Screenshot 2018-03-05 10.41.37

7th grade Art- Architecture with the Cranbrook Art Museum, Cranbrook Collections, and Visiting Speakers

ARCHITECTURE DESIGN THINKING PROJECT: 7th grade classes will observe and sketch architecture examples in Washington, D.C. as well as visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Smith House as prelude to our architecture design project.

Cranbrook Art Museum and Cranbrook Collections Docents will meet us at the Frank Lloyd Wright “Smith” House for a tour (5045 Ponvalley Road, Bloomfield Township, MI.) Additionally, Detroit Artist and Educator Sabrina Nelson will accompany us on the April 18th tour.

    • April 17th and 18th  (1:15-2pm) Smith House Tour

Sabrina Nelson returns on the 19th to give a Career in Design Talk with all 7th grade students. Sabrina’s sister, Kimberly Dowdell, will join her.

Sabrina works as an educator for the Detroit Institute of Arts and is an Admissions Counselor for the College for Creative Studies. You can see Sabrina’s web site here: https://sabrinanelson.carbonmade.com/about

Sabrina’s sister, Kimberly Dowdell, is a Cranbrook Graduate. Kimberly first discovered an interest in architecture when she was in middle school. After she graduated from Cranbrook, she attended Cornell (architecture) and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Kimberly works as a lecturer for the University of Michigan and works on revitalization projects in the Detroit area. You can learn more about Kimberly by clicking on these links: https://aap.cornell.edu/news-events/bringing-new-life-neighborhoods-detroit and https://taubmancollege.umich.edu/faculty/directory/kimberly-dowdell

  • April 19th (1:15-2:05pm)  Sabrina Nelson and Kimberly Dowdell

Emily Wurm and Mr. Thies will direct  a Design Thinking workshop on architectural “mass model” making  (GMS Art Room)

  • April 20th and 23rd  (1:10-2:05pm) Design Thinking Workshop

Emily Wurm and Mr. Thies will conduct an informal critique prior to the girls begin modeling in TinkerCad in Lab 2.

  • April 24th and 25th (1:10-2:05pm) Critique and Start on TinkerCad - Lab 2
  • April 26th -May 1st, TinkerCad Lab 2




8th Grade Art- Chair Design with the Cranbrook Art Museum and Visiting Speaker

8th grade Art classes will travel to the Cranbrook Art Museum to see the Chairs in the Collections Wing as part of our Design: Chair Making Unit. Upon returning to the art room, the girls will make paper chair proto-types and then design models of chairs on the computer. Chairs will be made individually, and in collaboration.  The girls will create 3-D models of the chairs in TinkerCad to be printed by the 3-D printer.

  • April 9rd and 10th, Art classes visit the Cranbrook Art Museum Chair Collection (11:40am-12:20pm)
  • April 11th, Design Presentation with Taryn Dyle, Senior Designer for General Motors (11:35am-12:35pm)
    • Lunch with the Designer prior to the presentation at 11:05am (sign-up posted in the Dining Hall)
  • April 12th and 13th, chair model construction in art room.
  • April 16-20th  -Chair Construction in TinkerCad.

Our special guest, Taryn Dyle, GM Senior Designer, will tour the Chair Collection with us on the 9th and will return to our school to give a design oriented talk to the entire 8th grade class during Art/Gym/HD time on the 11th. Taryn was Mr. Thies’ art student in middle and high school. Taryn is a Senior General Motors Designer and loves her work.  Taryn had a passion for car related design from an early age. She studied design at the University of Cincinnati and was recognized among her peers for excellence.  After graduation, Taryn worked at Honda (2007-2011) and  General Motors (2011-present)



Taryn Drawing

Taryn working on a Car design  while at University

Taryn at Cranbrook Art Museum

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